The Winter Palace, Part II

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If you only spend one minute on each painting in the museum, it would take 11 years. 

If there is any architecture that keeps surprising me with time it has to be The Winter Palace or nowadays know as The State Hermitage Museum. It leaves a deep profound impact upon a viewer which words and pictures cannot describe. It is also no wonder that some of the greatest minds in history have in someway had a connect with this masterpiece. A whole book can be written on this subject, but I don’t want to attempt to go there here. Instead I hope these photos will bring you closer to it, and remember much of the complex is open to the public to enjoy.

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Southern Cross Station Roof

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The newly constructed Southern Cross Station (Melbourne, AUS) is a piece of architecture to behold. Upon first glance, the first thing noticed is its futuristic curved roof. They insist it was designed in such a way to control the flow of harmful gases. Whatever it maybe it makes for interesting architecture.

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Architecural Wonder

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I am currently on holiday. This year has been particularly tough on me. I need to take some time off in order to recover.

Have a happy and safe Christmas everyone. 🙂

Visual Teacher

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I have recently started a new year of Visual Communications and Design. It is my finial and senior year. I was fortunate enough to have the brightest mind in that department of the college teaching me the subject. He stressed a few issues, explaining their importance. I feel that it would be worthwhile to share some of the thoughts.

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It brings me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome for Architectural Wonder readers to join me on a new Architectural related discussion board.


This brand new discussion board covers a wide range of topics, and as a result is promising. In due course a community will grow, where like-minded people can share ideas and news. Therefore, creating an optimal learning environment for each user to prosper, and have fun at the same time.

Hans Poelzig – German Expressionism

•November 13, 2007 • 1 Comment

Dull buildings? Certainly not. It is fluid, dramatic, and presents the full creativity of German Expressionism.

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Hurray 1000+ Hits

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This is a true testimony that “Architectural Wonder” has been a great read and a useful resource to many readers. I will continue writing something useful every day. If anyone wants to contribute I would be more than happy to publish it. Also, any suggests to further grow this blog is welcomed.